Davis Memorial Hospital located at 121 D' Urban Backlands Georgetown, Guyana is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is a link in a chain of hospitals that the church operates around the world having been authorized to operate a 40 bed tertiary general Hospital.

On April 6, 1967 at 3:30 p.m this hospital was officially opened for operations at its present location, when the management of this institution pledged to dedicate these facilities to the alleviation of the physical, mental and spiritual suffering of the people of Guyana. That was more than three decades ago, but that day only marked the beginning of its work here. The genesis of this institution is a humble one. It all began in July 14, 1952 when the Mission committee voted to erect a clinic at Peter Rose & Almond Streets, Queenstown. Two years later this clinic opened its doors to the public. Dr. E. C. Duerksen, the first medical missionary, almost every day worked for long hours to see all the patients, many of whom joined the line at the first length of dawn. He soon found that he needed to have a hospital for his patients, and under his direction a house was rented for this purpose.

At the meeting of the Board held on June 14, 1955 it was decided to name the hospital, Davis Memorial Hospital, in honor of Elder Davis, "a pioneer of SDA work in Guyana, who gave his life for bringing spiritual and medical help to Amerindians in the interior." On July 21, 1955 operations began at Barima Avenue, Bel Air. When Dr. Duerkensen left 2 years later, Dr. Pogue, the new medical Doctor dreamed of a new hospital, as the existing building was grossly inadequate for the steady flow of patients. The existing building was grossly overcrowded. He reported that there were cots in every available space, trolleys, surgery and instrument tables were used for beds, cushions of chairs were even put on the floor to be used for beds. In the morning, four to five patients would be sitting on the step waiting for someone to be discharged, so that they could be admitted. The place was so cluttered that the nurses were impeded, as there was very little space around beds. Since the building has no lift, so in most cases the doctor assists to lift the patients up the stairs.

To realize his dream for a modem hospital, Dr. Pogue spent time at nights repairing equipment which should have been junked years before, in order to save money. With donations from businessmen, he along with the staff gave beyond the call of duty to make this hospital possible. So on July 26, 1964, in the presence of Sir Richard and Lady Lake the groundbreaking ceremony for the present location of the hospital at 121 D' Urban took place. Dr. Pogue directed the construction until he departed Guyana in August 1966 after serving for eleven years and one month.

Even though the hospital building was not quite completed, on September 22, 1966 the transfer began from the Bel Air Hospital to this building and a little more than six months later the building was dedicated. The Governor General, Sir David Rose and Lady Rose, and the Lord Mayor Mrs. Dorothy Bailey were special guests at the opening ceremony, the honorable Mr. W.O.R. Kendell, the Minister of Health, gave the main address.

Our operations continue to be supported by the Guyana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Caribbean Union Conference, Adventist Relief & Development Agency, Christian Charities, and several other donors.

Over the years, Davis Memorial Hospital has been staffed mainly by Missionary doctors form the United States of America, Argentina, India, Philippines, Haiti, etc., and we also received support from our local doctors. The challenges of medical staffing and current technology in diagnostics have not been evaded by management; however, these have been and are still being addressed within our new affiliation, established in 1998, with Adventist Health International and Loma Linda University.

With new equipment, ongoing staff training, permanent and sometimes regular visiting overseas doctors, together with community health education programmes, Davis Memorial Hospital continues to "honor God through service to humanity" with quality health care.

Recently, our Laboratory, X-ray, Pharmacy and Inpatient unit services have been augmented with Laparoscopic surgeries and Neurosurgical clinic.

Davis   Memorial   Hospital   firmly   stands   with   its   total commitment "Dedicated to Total Care."