An important component of Davis Memorial Hospital’s current strategic plan is the modernization its existing plant. This is being undertaken in two phases. During phase I we replaced the signs on our doctors’ offices, resurfaced the main driveway, done some landscaping, upgraded the Parking Area, enhanced the waiting area, remodeled the Emergency Room, repaired the fence, done repairs to the ceiling, serviced and/or replaced A/C Units in the entire building, installed a new gate, and replaced/installed security lights along the road leading to the hospital.

We are now ready for Phase II which will see the construction of a new diagnostic center on the piece of vacant land between the hospital and the Olivet SDA Church. The Board was unanimous that the new building should be, for the most part, income generating.

It is proposed that the new building will house the following services:-

  1. A 5 chair Dental Suite
  2. Admin offices
  3. Family Care and Support Services Department
  4. Classrooms
  5. Conference rooms
  6. Radiology (CT Scan)

One of the show pieces of the new building will be the 5-7 Chair Dental Suite. It has already been established that the dental department can contribute in excess of seven million dollars ($7,000,000) in revenue yearly with average expenses before overhead allocation of 2.7million per year. If expanded, it can contribute more to the bottom line. We therefore propose expanding the clinic by adding another 3-5 dental chairs and recruit another full time dentist. By the way, during the month of January, we recruited a second missionary dentist who is currently providing dental services at the dental clinic. Therefore, from the personnel side of things, we are ready for such an expansion. All we now need is to make the plan fully operational by constructing of the new building so that we can take full advantage of this market niche.

A comprehensive Fund Raising Plan has been developed in an attempt to raise these funds to finance this building project.

The estimated cost of constructing and equipping this new building is approximately US$500,000. To date Adventist Health International (AHI) has raised US$120,000 towards this project. Also, based on pledges from individual board members and other cash and kind from other donors, we hope to raise another US$230,000. Davis Memorial Hospital needs to raise the remaining US$150,000 and this is where YOU come in.

We are encouraging you to donate generously towards this project. You can donate online through the DMH website. Just visit the hospital website at and follow the instructions stated under the “Donations” icon/tab. Thanks in advance for your support.