HIV Care and Counseling
Davis Memorial Ready Care program is funded entirely by the United States Government and is jointly managed by Catholic Relief Services. 

HIV Programming Experience 
Davis Memorial Hospital began providing HIV services in the mid 1980s. This hospital is one of only two private faith-based hospitals in GUN ana currently offering HIV care and support as part of its sendees to the community. As a non-profit faith-based hospital. DMH plays a vital role in the HIV and AIDS response by working to address each patient's holistic needs. DMH provides not only clinical care, but also psychosociaJ and spiritual support - helping patients address their fears and anxieties - and extends its reach into the community. 

In 2006, the hospital took a major step forward in the fight against HIV and AIDS when it officially launched the Ready Care program through its Family Care and Support Services Department. This program is supported by PEPFAR though the current AlDSRelief program managed by Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Through this initiative individuals benefit from a comprehensive package of HIV prevention, care, and treatment services including: VCT; clinical care (including management of opportunistic infections and TB/HIV services); antiretroviral therapy (ART); paediatric care and treatment sen-ices; adherence support; psychosocial support; prevention of mother-to-child transmission; and laboratory services. The program currently provides care and treatment sen-ices to 367 clients of which 276 are currently on ART. The program follows the national standards and guidelines for HIV prevention, care and treatment developed by the Ministry of Health. 

The DMH Ready Care program has been able to achieve the following: good retention rates: an active and dynamic support group; excellent staff buy-in; a family oriented approach to HIV care and support; strong community outreach programs; skilled and committed hospital staff; and has a reputable Patient Monitoring Systems (PMS). Based on our work in HIV over the years, the hospital has built up a good reputation in the community, local and international partners, the Ministry of Health, and above all, the clients sensed by the program.